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We service Montgomery, Pike Road, Wetumpka, Opelika, Auburn, Pelham, Hoover and Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

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Roof Inspection

        We offer a free roof inspection for our residential clients in order to accurately identify any areas of your roof that need repairs. This service allows us to prevent the possibility of further and more costly damage. Our roofing inspector will pay close attention to roof penetrations, flashings and distress areas such as blisters, curling and cracks. Make sure to tell the inspector about any problems you yourself may have noticed; particularly during the rain or snow events. After we can take a look at your roof, we can help you through the insurance claim process.

Roof Installation

  • Asphalt – These are typically the most popular type of roof for homeowners. Our Nashville roofing company is highly experienced with handling asphalt shingles.

  • Metal – Metal roofs are becoming more popular due to the low maintenance and environmentally friendly nature of the material.

  • Flat – Flat roofing is typically more popular for commercial properties, but if your home has a flat roof, it could require maintenance to avoid water damage or other hazards.

  • Cedar or Wood – This kind of roofing is considered environmentally friendly, especially when made from recycled material. Cedar shake and shingles have a lifespan of 30 years.

  • Slate or Tile – This is usually used for upscale homes. They are natural looking, fir resistant, and have an expected lifespan of 100 years.

Roof Repair

             Roofs can be damaged by many things. High winds can damage your shingles by folding them back. Normally the shingle will lay flat on top of the one below and stick to it with a thin layer of tar. Because once the wind blows it back and folds it over, it breaks the bond. So, if the wind blows them back and forth a few times, it will blow them right off. This is what causes shingles to be missing after a storm.

        If your bathroom or kitchen ceiling is leaking, it could be the rubber seal on the vent pipe that goes through your roof is old and needs to be replaced. Your house has several of these on the roof. Usually if one is bad, the others will soon be going bad as well. Let the experts at Royal Home services repair them so they will not leak until the next time your roof is replaced.

           Chimney flashing and roof valleys are other places that commonly leak. When you call us for roof  repairs we will come out to inspect your roof for leaks and past storm damage. We will also check the chimney flashing and any other flashing you might have. Valleys need to be inspected due to the amount of water that flows down them when it rains. Also we will look at any other “through the roof” areas. Such as skylights, satellite dishes, roof vents etc… to see if everything looks like it is in good condition.

          Just because you have a leak or a few missing shingles does not always mean that it is time for a new roof. However, these are issues that need to be addressed before they cause serious damage to the interior of your home. If you are noticing spots on the ceilings in your home or shingles appear to be loose or missing on the roof, we will give you a free estimate on any damage and roof repairs needed.

Insurance Claim

  Royal Home Services has developed relationships with many of the leading insurance companies in the area. After we have accessed the damage, we will begin the insurance claims process. We will work with your insurance company and be a resource through the claims process. If it it exceeds a certain amount of money or damage, the insurance company will meet us at your property. We will inspect the property together to make sure we agree on the damage and the amount needed to cover. We will intercede on your behalf. We work to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits as stated by your policy, since insurance companies may not always find the damage.We will assist the insurance adjuster with the claim by utilizing all of our professional tools, experience and resources  Our goal is the for you to only pay your deductible and your insurance pays for the rest. Our only agreement is that we perform the work that the insurance company approves.